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hi i'm li she/her intp autistic loser. i spend most of my time obsessing over vbs and struggling to open gatorade lids

bold: favorite
underline: very favorite
highlight: special interest

project sekai, haikyuu, vocaloid, milgram, sonic, genshin once in a blue moon
favorite characters
vbs, leo/need, all the vbs npcs
(not from prsk: literally everyone from haikyuu but especially oikawa, kita, yaku and lev; knuckles the echidna, shadow the hedgehog, sakurai haruka, kajiyama fuuta, the kagamines, xiao, diluc)
favorite ships
polysquad and every pairing within it but especially akitouya and akian, honashiho, ichishiho, nenekasa, emurui


if you actively hate my favorite characters, hardcore m/f vbs haters, nsfw accounts, proshippers (including touya/tenmas), edtwt/shtwt, dsmp fans


i pretty much only talk about akito and vbs, i like m/f vbs and polysquad so if that bothers you don't follow, i'm really bad at reading social cues and need tone tags a lot, and i'm cool with all morally acceptable ships so i don't mind what pairings you like :)